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Commitment to Sustainability

Planning for costs associated with decommissioning oil and gas wells (at the end of their useful lives) is fundamental to sustainability within the energy industry.

Social License to Operate: OneNexus assurance helps companies build trust within the community and stakeholders by promoting corporate stewardship of capital and the environment.

Transitioning to a Cleaner Future: Hydrocarbon resources are an integral part of the energy economy, and OneNexus Assurance ensures that wells and facilities will be properly decommissioned in the future and not left to become a threat to the environment or a burden on tax-payers

CSR, ESG & RSG Strategy: Asset retirement planning is essential to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), and Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) strategy.

UN 2030 SDGs: OneNexus Assurance aligns with the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 6, 12, and 13


ESG Commitment with OneNexus


  • Protect the environment by ensuring safe and efficient decommissioning of non-producing and idled oil & gas wells and facilities
  • Eliminate potential sources of methane and other greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions
  • Eliminate potential sources of soil and water contamination


  • Safeguard against equipment and facilities being abandoned and later posing a threat to the heath and safety of nearby communities

  • Ensure that land will be remediated for future beneficial use

  • Prevent the burden and cost of decommissioning from being passed to tax-payers as orphaned well


  • Financial and performance assurance for ARO Liabilities that is backed by Investment-grade 3rd party institutional investors

  • Address the industry-wide issue of underfunded liabilities that lead to orphan wells

  • Multi-faceted risk management approach including the removal of Predecessor-in-Title (boomerang liability) and post-plugging liabilities

Asset Retirement Commitment

Responsible Asset Retirement Solutions for the Energy Industry

OneNexus believes that an essential component of responsibly sourcing hydrocarbons is to properly plan for the eventual retirement and decommissioning of these assets at the end of their useful life. We ensure the proper plugging of oil and gas wells, facility decommissioning, and surface restoration through our suite of pre-need solutions. We combine data science, operational expertise, and an innovative insurance-based funding structure that helps energy companies manage decommissioning costs while ensuring operational excellence.