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About Us

We Are OneNexus

Providing Responsible Asset Retirement Solutions for the Energy Industry

OneNexus Environmental is a public benefit company that focuses on corporate environmental and social responsibility as it relates to decommissioning assets in the oil and gas industry. Our purpose is to ensure that existing active and idle wells are properly plugged and abandoned and do not become orphan wells.

OneNexus offers energy companies a way to guarantee their asset decommissioning and retirement. By planning ahead for these obligations, companies can assure their stakeholders that they are environmentally responsible and prepared for long-term commitments.

Our Belief In Responsibility

Accountability Does Not End When Assets Stop Producing

Idle wells pose physical and environmental threats to land, water, and human health and safety. They can leak gases into the air or leach combustible fluids into waterways and aquifers. Inactive wells are also associated with surface equipment that contains leftover hydrocarbons that can cause leaks or fires, posing potential risk to human life. 

An essential component of responsibly sourcing hydrocarbons is to properly plan for the inevitable retirement and decommissioning of these assets at the end of their useful life.

Decommissioning Operator™

Focused Solely on Decommissioning, Not Producing

A first-of-its-kind Decommissioning Operator, we are focused solely on decommissioning, not producing, oil and gas assets. OneNexus combines data science, operational know-how, and an innovative funding structure to offer policies to oil and gas companies. OneNexus works with oil and gas operators to ensure that all future well abandonment obligations are fully funded and preformed. 

As a Decommissioning Operator, OneNexus guarantees that a well will be properly plugged, in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices and will not become an orphan well in the future, burdening the taxpayer or becoming an environmental liability. 


Our Team

The OneNexus team leverages years of experience in petroleum engineering, procurement, construction, finance, land leasing, regulatory, and project management as an industry-leading participant in the global transformation to a low-carbon and sustainable energy industry.