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Eliminate your ARO Risk with OneNexus Assurance™

Responsible Asset Retirement Solutions for the Energy Industry

With OneNexus Assurance™, the Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) is assigned to OneNexus.  OneNexus takes over the financial and performance obligation of decommissioning the wells and facilities when it is time to retire the asset. 

A Trillion Dollar Problem​

Today’s energy sector faces a daunting number of inactive, unplugged non-producing wells along with their associated facilities, presenting a trillion-dollar problem for the industry, its investors and stakeholders—and ultimately the U.S. taxpayer. Posing significant environmental risks as sources of methane emissions and groundwater contamination, the impacts of these unplugged wells will continue to grow in magnitude if not addressed. Tackling this issue is an important step toward meeting global greenhouse gas reduction goals.

What is an Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO)?

An ARO the legal liability that a company carries on its balance sheet to cover the costs of retiring an asset. In an oil and gas asset, this includes decommissioning the well by properly plugging it downhole, removing surface equipment, and reclaiming the surface area back to its natural state or as regulatory agencies require.

Guaranteed Asset Retirement

Responsible Asset Retirement Solutions for the Energy Industry

OneNexus believes that an essential component of responsibly sourcing hydrocarbons is to properly plan for the eventual retirement and decommissioning of these assets at the end of their useful life. We ensure the proper plugging of oil and gas wells, facility decommissioning, and surface restoration through our suite of pre-need solutions. We combine data science, operational expertise, and an innovative insurance-based funding structure that helps energy companies manage decommissioning costs while ensuring operational excellence.


Partnering with onshore companies to ensure the responsible plugging, decommissioning, and retiring of assets.


Providing the expertise, experience, and reliability required for proper decommissioning or repurposing of offshore assets.

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