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OneNexus Assurance™

Secured Funding for the Future

OneNexus Assurance is first-of-its kind solution designed specifically for the energy sector’s asset retirement obligations (AROs).

OneNexus Assurance allows companies to plan ahead. Companies transfer their ARO risk to OneNexus. They can then operate with the peace-of-mind that funding will be available for decommissioning at the end of a well’s life.

OneNexus Assurance is available for all wells: New Wells, Existing Producing Wells, and Inactive Non-Producing Wells.

Planning for Asset Retirement Obligations strengthens long-term success through the energy transition by promoting corporate stewardship of capital and the environment.

lifecycle of an oil and gas asset

How OneNexus Assurance Works:

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How OneNexus Assurance Works:

Submit Well List

Client submits well list for OneNexus assessment.

ONE analyzes P&A obligation, facility decommissioning costs, timing, etc.

Assurance Policy

Covers the cost of all future P&A and facility decommissioning work

Locked in at a discount to today’s pricing

Immediate assignment of Asset Retirement Obligation from Client to OneNexus

Peace of Mind

Client goes about business as usual with the peace of mind that their ARO’s are fully funded.

Funds are held securely in a regulated and rated insurance company.

Title Transfer

Once the well(s) is no longer producing, and entirely at the discretion of the Client, title to the well(s) is transferred to OneNexus.


OneNexus decommissions the well and production facilities and fulfills surface restoration requirements.

OneNexus retains all future environmental liabilities.

Guaranteed Asset Retirement

  • Offers energy companies a way to guarantee that their Asset Retirement Obligations (AROs) will be met.
  • Gives a company, or any future owners of the asset, the right to transfer title and operations of the asset at any time to OneNexus. At contract signing, all Asset Retirement Obligations with respect to the covered wells are assigned to OneNexus.
  • OneNexus Assurance™ is available for all wells, regardless of age or productive status. Newly drilled wells, producing wells, and non-producing wells are all covered by our Assurance.
  • Once the asset is transferred, the company will no longer have any further plugging obligation or associated environmental liability.
  • As a Decommissioning Operator™, our assurance covers the plugging of the well, the removal of all facilities, and the surface remediation required to return the land back to its natural state.

Our goal is to make sure that every oil & gas well that has ever been drilled or will be drilled is properly decommissioned at the appropriate time when it is no longer producing.


  • Ensuring the safe and timely retirement of an asset is part of a sustainable consumption pattern, prevents contamination of water and soil, and prevents stranded assets—aligning with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Lower Cost To Decommission

  • OneNexus’ ability to aggregate obligations reduces overall cost to the operator through blended risk and economies of scale.

Predecessor Of Interest Liability Protection

  • Guaranteed transfer of title—OneNexus is last operator of record, with secured fund dedicated to ARO.
  • OneNexus assumes all environmental liabilities after well is abandoned. 

Secure Counter Party

  • OneNexus’ regulated captive insurance structure allows us to assume that reserve capital is available to fulfill OneNexus’ retirement obligations.
  • Reserve capital is dedicated to funding AROs.

Simplifies Future Asset Divestitures

  • Clients receive higher value for their assets as ARO is already covered
  • State regulatory agencies recognize ARO funding is secured
  • No haggling over AROs

Locked-In ARO Cost

  • Protection from inflation.
  • Shielded from changing regulations.
  • Eliminate G&A associated with decommissioning (land, regulatory, operations, engineering).
  • ARO covered regardless of well performance and productive life. 

Replaces ARO On Balance Sheet And Reserve Reports

  • Reserve reporting agencies support removing ARO from wells with OneNexus coverage.
  • Coverage stays with well—Operator may sell assets at a higher sales price (no ARO burden).

Flexible Payment Options

  • Customized to align with operator’s financial goals.
  • ARO can be considered an asset on balance sheet as it increases the value of the energy asset.


Want to learn more about OneNexus Assurance™ and our solutions? We’re happy to help.